Calming the Nervous System - Westchester Group

Anxiety, panic, anger, rage, hopelessness, depression, sadness, body aches and ailments.
These are a few of the sensations that hijack our nervous systems when we become overwhelmed or experience trauma.

So how do we catch and re-regulate our nervous systems before they either go into overdrive or plummet? 1

We will learn through meditation, music, grounding,
and mainly Somatic Experiencing (SE) experiential exercises how we can accomplish nervous system regulation.
SE is a short-term, gentle, naturalistic body/mind model in treating trauma and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Through SE experiential sensate exercises, taught verbally and through hands-on work, we will explore as a group
ways to help our systems.
Learning how to build a resource container, a toolbox, unique
to our own nervous systems that we can dip into when needed will be the focus of this group.
Together we will create a safe and committed group.

Location: 34 South Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601 - Suite 710
Next to the Westchester Mall.

4 group sessions - New Dates TBD

Time: 6:30 - 8:30 PM

For more information and to register please call: (917) 596-4950

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