Somatic Experiencing (SE):

Having gone into therapy for Somatic Experiencing (SE) 18 years ago with much success, I recognized the telltale signs that I was, again, in the middle of post-traumatic stress, so I searched through the traumahealing.org website for a practitioner. Lynn Bourbeau's bio popped out at me, as her professional expertise is extensive - from decades of being an SE therapist to actually teaching and supervising others. Lynn's background in other areas also proved to be significant to my healing and emotional well being - having been a caregiver and being an intuitive and interfaith minister. Lynn wove all these attributes in a seamless fashion, applying SE with the insight and compassion I needed, as I, too, am a caregiver, and someone with a strong spiritual bent. I would recommend Lynn in a heartbeat!

During an intense time, I experienced last year, many old trauma wounds were stirred up.
The tools from this course were great but hidden layers of grief began surfacing.
I was shifting some heavy emotions and was drowning beneath their weight.
I realized I needed some extra help and found the most incredible trauma therapist in NY.
I am so grateful to Lynn Bourbeau who is an angel on earth and a Goddess-send.
Her gentle approach and SE expertise have guided me through the darkest layers of grief.
We have Skyped and when in NY we meet face to face.
She can do a lot more with hands on techniques in her sessions so obviously it's worth checking out both.
Her simple hints help me even today and I've got such an amazing handle on the path through the pain.
I've been seeking this for so long and it's thanks to Lynn that I feel lighter than ever.
Love & Magic
~MM, Australia

Lynn Bourbeau is an excellent SE practitioner. I am personally very body based so to be able to be with a health professional who not only honors what my body is saying to me, but has the skills to be able to slow me down, move with compassion and intention, and allow me to reach an outcome that is in its purest form true to me – is incredibly special. 
Thank you Lynn for your commitment to SE!
Rochelle Rice, CSP, AS, MA
New York, NY

Lynn and I have been working together doing SE phone sessions for the last eight years, as I live out of state. She has a way of getting to the heart of what is up for me using SE. She allows and supports a natural unfolding of the forces that need to come to my attention. She gentle guides me to my body when I need to get my mind out of the way, so I can access my body's intelligence. Her great compassion and love make it a safe relationship for me to step into dark areas and finally get free to live mor e fully and joyfully.
~ With great appreciation,
Sally Washabaugh, LMT, CST, SEP
Lenox, MA

“I have been in and out of different forms of talk therapies since my early twenties. Various modalities and therapists helped for a time, but it was only palliative. Nothing lasted, that I felt made a difference internally, until I met Lynn and she introduced me to SE. Finally the connection between body and spirit was made. This was due not only to Somatic Experiencing but in large part because of the intuitive, direct and kind guidance of Lynn. The approach was different and lasting because, as we’ve discussed in session: it’s my hand on the rudder. Lynn is next to me for the journey, but my system leads the way. If past tries with therapy have not helped, you owe it to yourself to try SE with Lynn. She is hands down the most effective therapist I have worked with.”

Lynn Bourbeau is a wonderful therapist.  She is a master of SE (somatic experiencing).  She helps you dig deep, meet your trauma head-on, and eliminate it.  While I was confronting my trauma, she was constantly there, a gentle, respectful, supportive guide.  Once I met and eviscerated the fearful and raging emotions resulting from my hurtful past experiences, she was there on the other side.  Always calm and empathetic.  She was an immense help to me in resolving residual trauma from childhood domestic abuse and sexual assault.  She helped me change my life
~ SB

I often think of our SE phone sessions during a time when my daughter gave me an important and difficult message. When she told me that I did not have her back when things were hard with her Dad. I will always remember your wise words - that it was so good that she told me, and that the most helpful/loving thing I could do in response was to LISTEN to her without judgement or justification. Since then my daughter has married her beloved this past Sept. 2016 and moved to another state. I think time and love have softened some of the rough edges of her relationship with her Dad, and "things" are overall, much better. So often, I have wanted to write to you and today I decided that there will never be the time when I am able to say what I want to say perfectly. I have to accept my meager attempt for what it is, and let you know how grateful I am for your words and your presence at a time when I needed it.  
With deep respect and love, always, ~ JK

I am so glad I made the decision to go to therapy and even happier I decided to go with Lynn. I lost my partner in 2015, when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. I was devastated and left with no will to live. After starting therapy I was able to work through all the hurt and pain I had when I lost him. I’ve reached a place where I am happy again, and I look forward to my future. I enjoy my life again. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without Lynn’s help and guidance. Im so grateful that I have a second chance at living a full life again.
 ~ GP

When I decided to take Lynn Bourbeau’s February workshop series on “SE,” I had no idea what I was really getting into. I was in a very difficult place in my life, and the thought of “calming my nervous system” was very attractive—that’s all I knew.

So far, I’ve attended three sessions, and I’ve already decided that I want to keep on coming to the weekly meetings of this Group. We’re real with each other, and, amazingly, we seem to have started, from the get go to trust and share the stories of our lives with one another. The exercises and the meditations are fabulous, easy to learn and do because our combined energy is alive with possibilities—and Lynn is a great teacher.

I highly recommend this workshop, and I hope to see you there!


Somatic Experiencing (SE) makes sense and works!
Rev. Lynn is teaching me tools I will use for the rest of my life.
She is a truly caring individual. So happy to have found this holistic approach to healing.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn ways to calm myself through Somatic Experiencing (SE).
I have done many groups and seminars over the years and this is the first time I feel a true shift in my ability to let myself relax even in tough situations.
Look forward to continuing with you.

I've trained as a yoga teacher.
I walk regularly, practice breathing, Reiki, and positive affirmations.
What really worked for me is SE!

Calming the Nervous System workshop with Lynn Bourbeau has been critical in helping me manage stressful situations.
When I received news that my husband and daughter had been i n an accident
I applied the tools that I learned in the workshop and I was able to manage my anxiety and prevent my nervous system to spike to a critical point. I use the tools I have learned in this workshop every day to manage stressful situations and find the balance in my life.

SE Rocks!
~ VV

Medical Intuitive, Energy Healing, Shamanic Journeying:

When I felt a mass in my breast, I panicked before I could see a doctor. Knowing a lot about breast cancer I spent some days with serious anxiety until I saw Lynn. I didn't know about her medical intuitive work. When I told her about it, she paused for a second, then told me that she felt like I have cystic breasts and there was nothing to worry about. She also told me where the big mass was but strongly encouraged me to get a mammogram and sonogram to make sure. Because I was so anxious Lynn continued to repeat it was cystic breasts which were harmless to calm my fears. When I went to the hospital a couple days later the results from the doctor were exactly the same with every detail. I have cystic breasts and the location of the cyst was were Lynn told me.
To be honest I was a little surprised because I didn't believe in intuitive work and now I think differently!
~ EM

I have worked with Lynn Bourbeau for the last 9 months. I would characterize her work, both as a medical intuitive and hands-on healer (which she offers to those who see her in person) as the rare combination of gentleness and power.
As an aging woman I experience both asthma and all manner of aches and pains. Lynn has been able to identify for me the issues that would benefit from medical intervention. The first instance involved seeing fluid in my lungs; the second seeing that my left hand needed a cortisone injection. On each occasion the very words she used to describe what she saw intuitively were mirrored by the words of the doctor. In both cases these insights proved invaluable.
I am a psychotherapist in private practice for the past 40 years.
~ JP 

Lynn is an extraordinary Shaman and Medical Intuitive; working with her is sheer joy filled with excitement. She comes to her work naturally, without any ego interference, and that makes it possible for her to give all her attention to her clients.

I started working with her when I was facing eye surgery that had me really scared. At our third session, she was visited by a Spiritual Guide who also wanted to work with me. Lynn just folded that work right into the other, without skipping a beat. Our very next session was the beginning of a fantastic journey for me to the Other Side, where my consciousness began to expand and continues to do so, even months later.

Lynn is trustworthy, and sincere—two characteristics you want for both a healer and a facilitator to take you to the spirit world—and she’s got a great sense of humor. I love working with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the kind of work she does.

~ Dina Wilcox, New York

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